What’s got Americans hooked on brunch?
12 Aug 2018
What’s got Americans hooked on brunch?

Whether brunchers are after a continuation of last night’s party or seeking a quiet diner to eat their eggs in peace, they have one thing in common – the desire to indulge themselves for an entire day. But how has this mid-day meal gained so many devotees, and why does it polarize public opinion?

Alexa Mehraban

Alexa Mehraban is the founder of New York-based food blog Eating NYC.

Jeremy Jacobowitz

Jeremy Jacobowitz brings along his over 800,000 followers on his food adventures all over the world. Whether that's finding a hidden gem in NYC, the best omakase in Japan, or creating a fun recipe in his home kitchen studio, his audience is obsessed with all parts of his life. And there is good reason for that trust and admiration. Not only has he had an online presence for over seven years but he has worked in food TV as an assistant for Bobby Flay and as a producer for almost a decade. Along with his daily content on his own channels, he has also hosted and appeared on programmes for Food Network, MSG networks, Thrillist, Pix11 Morning News, Seamless, and more.

Laurie Clarke

Laurie Clarke is a researcher and writer based in Scotland. She has previously worked in marketing for an addiction clinic and has researched everything from memes in advertising to the legal US cannabis industry as a behavioural analyst for Canvas8. Having studied psychology, she is obsessed with what makes people tick, especially when it comes to how they make decisions.