Why do Aussies choose to flout medical advice?
21 Jun 2018
Why do Aussies choose to flout medical advice?

From parents who refuse to vaccinate their kids for fear of any side effects to the endemic abuse of pharmaceuticals, many Australians make bad medical decisions in spite of established advice. How can healthcare providers and brands help them make more informed choices about their wellbeing?

Angela Morris

Angela Morris has worked in the Australian healthcare industry for nearly 20 years. Her current role is as a healthcare worker in a variety of nursing homes where she cares for elderly and disabled Australians.

Kelly Wade

Kelly Wade is an award-winning full-funnel marketing specialist on a mission to build a better tomorrow by helping organisations efficiently generate sustainable growth using strategic marketing assets that attract, nurture, convert, and retain the target market.

She writes across a broad range of topics with special expertise and interest in science (especially chemistry, biology, medicine, and forensics), education, parenting, gardening, and sustainable living.

Notable achievements include delivering Australia's International Science Policy, representing Australia to the OECD and APEC, and raising two children while being a sole trader.