How celebrity chefs are changing food culture
13 Jun 2018
How celebrity chefs are changing food culture

The hedonism and fiery testosterone long associated with American chef culture are seemingly on the wane in the wake of #MeToo. As the old guard is exposed for its often abusive ways, a new generation of more conscious and diverse celebrity chefs is rising up to challenge the status quo.

Jonathan Deutsch

Jonathan Deutsch is professor of culinary arts and food science at Drexel University where he oversees the Drexel Food Lab. He has written and edited a number of books including 'Gastropolis: Food and Culture in New York City', which he co-edited.

Dr. Signe Rousseau

Dr. Signe Rousseau is a lecturer at the University of Cape Town. She is the author of Food Media: Celebrity Chefs and the Politics of Everyday Interference and Food and Social Media: You Are What You Tweet. She is also co-chair of Gastronomica: The Journal for Food Studies (University of California Press).

Miranda Bryant

Miranda Bryant is a writer based in New York.