Why complacent Australians remain deep in debt
16 May 2018
Why complacent Australians remain deep in debt

An uber-relaxed attitude, slack lending regulation and low financial literacy have caused Australians to become ‘addicted to debt’. So how and exactly why do Australians fall deep into debt? And how does this affect not only their mental health, but their relationships with banks?

Michal Strahilevitz

Michal Strahilevitz is a behavioural economist who teaches and does research at the University of Wollongong in the Marketing Department. She also blogs money and emotions for Psychology Today and has published research on both consumer psychology and behavioural finance.

Andrew David Courtney

Andrew David Courtney is the co-founder & principal adviser for Plenitude Wealth, a wealth management firm that is dedicated to educating Australians about finance to create a community of philanthropists who can make a positive impact in the world. Andrew is a father of two, addicted traveller, an avid investor and serial Instagram blogger.

David Wilson

David Wilson is an APAC-based travel and tech specialist whose experience in journalism spans two decades. His stories have run everywhere from the South China Morning Post to Slate and The New York Times. In his spare time, he does strength training and hangs out with cats.