Why running became a lifestyle choice in Russia
22 Apr 2018
Why running became a lifestyle choice in Russia

Russia’s love affair with running has certainly been rocky: from being a virtually unheard of pastime in the nineties to a trend that swept the nation in the last few years. But has the running boom run its course in Russia or simply reached a new destination?

Alexandra Boyarskaya

Alexandra Boyarskaya is a journalist and the creative consultant of Nike’s Russian running division. In 2012, she created trend-setting Nike+ Running Club in Moscow’s Gorky Park.

Anton Gorodetsky

Anton Gorodetsky is the vice editor-in-chief of MAXIM online and an avid runner

Maxim Rudenko

Maxim Rudenko is an online team leader of I Love Supersport franchise based in Moscow. He’s started working with the brand after completing the educational program at the I Love Running school.

Galima Akhmadulina

Galima Akhmadulina is a Moscow-based professional headhunter/talent scout, who owns a boutique HR agency Galima HR for creative jobs. She’s been an avid runner for ten years.

Ivan Kaplan

Ivan Kaplan is a barber at the trendsetting Chop-Chop chain and a frequent participant of international marathons.

Mikhael Agafonov

Mikhael Agafonov is a Moscow-based writer, social media expert and publicist. Writing for both Russian and international media, he also frequently collaborates with a wide selection of brands,
including Sony, Apple and Google.