How Australian campers are roughing it in style
11 Apr 2018
How Australian campers are roughing it in style

Glamping provides holidaymakers with the thrills of camping, without the hassle of putting up a tent – offering luxury accommodation and amenities in scenic and often remote locations. So what is it that persuades people to splurge on a luxe Australian camping stay? And who exactly is pitching up?

Kate Mather

Kate Mather creates curated experiences for the corporate and leisure market. She is also the relationships manager at New South Wales-based Profile Digital Group, which offers social media design, implementation, management and monitoring.

Lynn Loganathan

Lynn Loganathan is a freelance digital marketing specialist and luxury eco-tent sales manager. Previously, she managed one of the largest sporting events in Western Australia, the Karma Resorts Rottnest Channel Swim.

David Wilson

David Wilson is an APAC-based travel and tech specialist whose experience in journalism spans two decades. His stories have run everywhere from the South China Morning Post to Slate and The New York Times. In his spare time, he does strength training and hangs out with cats.