Why black Americans expect authenticity from brands
11 Mar 2018
Why black Americans expect authenticity from brands

From the record-breaking Black Panther, to viral ‘Black Twitter’ memes, it’s clear that black Americans are cultural catalysts. Canvas8 talks to Jerome Williams, marketing professor at Rutgers University and founder of Walker & Company, Tristan Walker, about how black Americans are influencing culture.

Jerome Williams

Jerome Williams is a professor of marketing at Rutgers University, Research Director of The Center of Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development, and Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost of the Rutgers-Newark Campus.

Tristan Walker

Tristan Walker is the CEO and founder of Walker & Company Brands, which owns Bevel, a direct-to-consumer razor brand created just for men of color, and Form Beauty, a custom natural hair care line.

Kayla Evans

Kayla Evans, from Douglasville, GA, is a social and cultural psychology master’s student at The London School of Economics. She first studied psychology at Harvard College and has since been interested in understanding why people trust and distrust. In her free time, Kayla enjoys (online) live music, scoping out new coffee shops in whichever city she finds herself in, and going on not-too-long-distance runs.