What now? The science of uncertainty
7 Jul 2017
What now? The science of uncertainty

People often find the unknown more stressful than knowing something bad will definitely happen. To find out how uncertainty affects decision-making, Canvas8 sat down with Ali Faraji-Rad, assistant professor of marketing and international business at Nanyang Business School.

Ali Faraji-Rad

Ali Faraji-Rad is a behavioural and data scientist and business school professor with extensive academic research and teaching experience. He has held appointments at Columbia Business School, Nanyang Technological University, and University of Maryland College Park. His research on topics such as branding, consumer identity, innovation and adoption of new products, persuasive communication, consumer decision-making and choice, and consumer experiences is published in top marketing journals and featured in popular outlets such as Harvard Business Review. He is also interested in technology start-ups and has both mentored and invested in a few of them.