Why Americans drive when they could fly
21 Jun 2017
Why Americans drive when they could fly

With a decrease in amenities, regular delays, and high-profile stories about bad customer experiences, air travel has lost some of its historical glamour. But can Americans’ fondness for flying be reignited? Or will the nation’s other great love – the road trip – continue to reign supreme?

James Fox

James Fox is the head of data and analytics at Canvas8 and has nearly 20 years of experience in data-led, multi-methodology research programmes. James joined Canvas8 in 2017, bringing their experience of working across sectors and methodologies, including technology, FMCG, and finance via online consumer panels, focus groups, and one-to-one interviews. James has played a key role across a range of international programmes, leveraging experience in qualitative and quantitative methodologies to deliver impactful, actionable insights. Their work has produced insights and tools for clients including The New York Times, Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, the British Government, and Google.