How China‘s LGBT community is growing in clout
20 Mar 2017
How China‘s LGBT community is growing in clout

In China’s conservative society, LGBT individuals have long been living under the radar, even after same-sex relationships were decriminalised in the late ‘90s. Yet a wind of change is blowing and social media is helping this community emerge as a consumer group of great interest for brands.

Felicia Schwartz

Felicia Schwartz is the founder of China Insight and a cultural insight specialist with 15 years of experience in the Greater China region. She has worked widely across consumer goods as well as retail, luxury, and technology. An advertising veteran, Felicia is passionate about people and what motivates them, hence her career in strategic planning and consumer insights. She has researched Chinese women, children, young adults, and men for clients like L'Oreal, Ferrero, Nestle, and Maserati and delivered cultural business skills to the DIT, EDF Energy, and Jaguar Land Rover.