The psychology of enchantment
21 Dec 2010
The psychology of enchantment

We bring the year to a close with a somewhat festive take on semiotics. In an interview, Thought Leader Alex Gordon dissects the lasting impact of fairy tales on the popular psyche and their importance to brands in the current climate.

Alex Gordon

Alex Gordon has worked as a cultural analyst and semiotician for 20 years. He is the founder and CEO of Sign Salad, a cultural insight agency specialising in semiotics and language analysis. He has led cultural insight projects across five continents for global blue-chip brands in sectors including food and drink, retail, technology, healthcare, luxury, automotive, financial services, pharmaceutical, personal care, and travel and leisure. Before setting up Sign Salad, he established the semiotics and cultural strategy division at Flamingo. He has a PhD in semiotics and identity politics and is a visiting fellow at Bristol University's Department of Marketing.