Hive Diversity: equal opportunities for new grads

Despite the majority of jobseekers being more attracted to companies that make a commitment to diversity and inclusion, many employers are lagging behind. Hive Diversity, a diversity-focused virtual recruitment platform, connects graduates with firms that are prioritizing inclusion.

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Despite 76% of jobseekers in the US believing that a diverse workplace is an important factor when job hunting, significant diversity gaps persist. [1] For example, at the US’ biggest companies, while one out of every 97 White workers is an executive, just one out of every 443 Black or Hispanic workers holds such a role. [2] Hive Diversity is a virtual recruitment platform that aims to tackle inclusion and diversity by putting recent graduates in direct contact with companies that place inclusion at the forefront of their hiring strategies. Founded in October 2020, the company has formed high-profile partnerships with organizations including Saks Fifth Avenue, Michael Kors, and Accenture.