Gen Zers are wary of deformalized job hunting
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Jun 24, 2021
Gen Zers are wary of deformalized job hunting

TikTok’s launch of a job service for Gen Zers is intended to appeal to younger people’s shifting attitudes to finding jobs. However, as they become wary of showing their personal lives to employers online, Gen Zers may be hesitant to job hunt on a platform that facilitates candid behavior.

A survey conducted by Tallo, a jobs and networking site for students, has found evidence that Gen Zers may not be as open to TikTok’s job service as expected. Of 1,200 Gen Zers, just 8% of respondents would prefer for employers to contact them through social media sites, and just 5% look to social media for information on employers. Perhaps more concerning data for TikTok is that over half of Gen Zers believe it's important to build a professional personal brand online, but just 10% say they would use TikTok for this purpose. With TikTok's move lets users upload video CVs for job applications, Gen Zers may be wary of recruiters' ability to then watch the rest of their TikTok videos. “People go to social media for a certain purpose,” says Tallo CEO Casey Welch, which means that employers in this space “can feel like an invasion.”