Otta: candidate-first job huntingAs the UK recovers from the pandemic, the number of people out of work remains high. Otta is a job portal that has been designed from a candidate-first perspective, ditching the corporate blue of its competitors and providing personalised services that set it apart from the competition.
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As the UK attempts to recover from the pandemic, many people have found themselves out of work, or unable to find a job as they enter the world of work for the first time. Statistics from the ONS show that the unemployment rate in the UK stood at 4.8% in March 2021, equating to one in every twenty people being jobseekers. The pandemic has hit young people particularly hard, with 289,000 under-25s being taken off company payrolls from mid-May 2020 to mid-May 2021. [1] Anybody who’s ever searched for jobs online knows how quickly myriad sites blend into one, peddling a sea of corporate blue colour schemes and seemingly endless promoted search results that aren't as relevant as they promise. Otta is a job platform trying to change that, it claims it has been built from the ground up as a candidate-first job platform.