Is a sustainable utopia within reach post-COVID-19?
28 May 2020
Is a sustainable utopia within reach post-COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic has upheaved societies around the world – perhaps permanently. There’s an acknowledgement that everyday life will have to change post-lockdown to avoid further outbreaks, but could this transition also present a chance to usher in a fairer, greener, and less lonely future?

Alex Hollingsworth

Alex Hollingsworth is an Oxford City Councillor, leading on planning and transport.

Juliet Davenport

Juliet Davenport OBE is the CEO of Good Energy, a 100% renewable energy company.

Sophia Kianni

Sophia Kianni represents the US as the youngest member on the United Nations Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change. She is an undergraduate student at Stanford University, and the founder and executive director of Climate Cardinals, a nonprofit with 8,000 volunteers in 40+ countries working to translate climate information into 100 languages. She is also a senior partner at JUV Consulting, a Gen Z marketing agency. Sophia’s work has been covered by Forbes, CNN, Business Insider, BBC, NPR, Time, The Guardian, NBC, and The Washington Post. She has been named Vice Media's youngest Human of the Year and one of Teen Vogue's 21 under 21.

Will Butler-Adams

Will Butler-Adams OBE is the managing director of Brompton Bikes.

Alex Diggins

Alex Diggins is a writer journalist based in Oxford. He writes regularly for leading publications including The Economist, Wired, New Scientist, The Telegraph and The TLS. He is also published in Rife: Twenty-One Stories from Britain's Youth (Unbound). @AHABDiggins