Naza Beauty: a hair salon with a tech twist

With many African American women unsatisfied with their trip to the hair salon, Natanya Montgomery has launched Naza Beauty, a salon and community that’s focused on nailing the experience for women with afro-textured hair and building the perfect personalized service in the process.

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After 18 years of monthly visits to the salon, Natanya Montgomery realized that she had “never been delighted” by the service she’d received, she says. [1] She recalls once getting her hair braided and having to deal with a stylist who prioritized her personal errands over Montgomery’s custom. [2] With the unprofessionalism of hairstylists and the long hours spent in the hairdresser’s chair a pain point for many African American women when it comes to hair care, Montgomery decided to launch her own offer, Naza Beauty, which uses tech to transform the salon experience, from booking through to the finishing touches.