Spotify: amplifying the power of podcastsWith its acquisition of Gimlet Media and Anchor, Spotify is setting its sights on becoming the go-to destination for podcasts. It’s a sign of the medium’s growing influence as brands seek ways to tap engaged and young audiences who want immersive narratives that can hold their attention.
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In its infancy, podcasting may have been “two dudes in a room talking about tech or something like that,” according to Gimlet Media co-founder Alex Blumberg, but that’s far from the case nowadays. [1] Indeed, it’s estimated that 32% of Americans listen to podcasts on a monthly basis, up from just 15% in 2014, with this surge attributed to breakthrough successes such as true-crime podcast Serial, which has been downloaded more than 340 million times. [2][3] Having snapped up high-profile companies in this space in early 2019, streaming giant Spotify is hoping to dethrone Apple from its decade-long reign as king of spoken word content.