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  • How can the wellness movement become more inclusive?
  • How can the wellness movement become more inclusive?
    Andrea Piacquadio (2020) ©

Why ‘self-care’ needs more compassion

The concept of wellness has gained renewed importance in the wake of COVID-19, yet maintaining one’s physical and mental wellbeing is proving harder for some people than others. How can self-care practices be made more accessible and compassionate to those who need it the most?

Location United States

America is in the midst of a wellness paradox – a health-obsessed society driven by West Coast lifestyles and social media fads on the one hand and myriad medical issues on the other, ranging from rising obesity and diabetes rates to a mental health crisis that’s affecting one in five adults. [1][2][3]The digital health industry has boomed as a result of this imbalance, with venture capitalists investing $3.1 billion in the sector in Q1 2020 alone. [4] And as COVID-19 has heightened concerns about wellbeing, interest in telemedicine has soared. Indeed, research ...



  • Article image Dr. Katharina Husemann on spirituality in a crisis

    The uncertainty and anxiety created by the events of 2020 have left many people seeking ways to ease their minds and find a sense of serenity. Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Katharina Husemann, a senior lecturer in marketing at Royal Holloway, about consumer spirituality as a coping mechanism.

  • Article image Why does Germany need targeted mental health aid?

    Anti-immigrant narratives and institutionally embedded racism are having a detrimental effect on the mental health of Germany’s ethnic minority communities, yet many affected individuals avoid getting support. So, how can employers and healthcare providers overcome this hesitance to seek aid?

  • Article image Intellect: discreet mental health support

    As people around the world wrestle with the impact of COVID-19 on their mental health, therapy and helpful apps are being sought out by people looking for support. Tackling the stigma of open conversations about mental health, Intellect is a Singapore-based app pushing for positive change.

  • Article image How is COVID-19 set to impact emotional wellbeing?

    The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly reconfigured the world as we know it – and a mental health crisis could be waiting in its aftermath. Canvas8 spoke to Staci K. Haines, the author of The Politics of Trauma, to understand how the outbreak is set to challenge and change our emotional wellbeing.