24 Sep 2020
Dr. Katharina Husemann on spirituality in a crisis

The uncertainty and anxiety created by the events of 2020 have left many people seeking ways to ease their minds and find a sense of serenity. Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Katharina Husemann, a senior lecturer in marketing at Royal Holloway, about consumer spirituality as a coping mechanism.

Dr. Katharina C. Husemann is senior lecturer in marketing at Royal Holloway, University of London. She is an expert in the field of consumer culture theory and her current research activities include spirituality and consumption. She is the author of ‘Consumer spirituality’, an article that discusses how the spiritual marketplace has pivoted to offer purposefully designed offerings for consumers.

Louis Tozer is a senior behavioural analyst on the social sciences team at Canvas8. Trained as a social historian, he has a background in qualitative research, and after an early career spent at the Institute of Philosophy and Social Theory in Belgrade, he made the crossover into cultural insights. Outside of Canvas8, he can be found down the swimming pool, fixing his bike, or complaining to his friends.