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  • How will homes in 20201 delineate between personal and professional?
  • How will homes in 20201 delineate between personal and professional?
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2021 Expert Outlook on Home and Relationships

How has the pandemic affected intimacy? Why are people going off open-plan design? And will remote-working trigger an urban exodus? In this part of the 2021 Expert Outlook, we speak to three experts about the forces set to shape our homes and relationships in the year ahead.

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The events of 2020 have radically reshaped how we think about our homes and the people within them – in September 2020, 57% of Britons say that their home has become even more important to making their lives better since the spring lockdown. As the outbreak of COVID-19 forced people to shelter in place, the pandemic opened new doors of possibility for the home space: kitchens became classrooms, bedrooms doubled as yoga studios, and living rooms were the centre of the Saturday night pub quiz. They’re also investing in spaces to work at home for the long-term ...



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    Caribu: engaging video calls for intergenerational play

    Rather than a traditional video call, the Caribu app is an interactive platform that focuses on fun and connection. Users can read together over the app, use digital coloring books, play games, and have virtual playdates with everyone from grandparents to friends from school.

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    How lockdown sparked a shift in minimalist values

    Being stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to reevaluate their lives, leading some to embrace a simpler way of living by starting a vegetable garden or figuring out an effective work-life balance. Will this change in habits spark a minimalist resurgence in the long term?

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    How has COVID-19 changed motherhood for Britons?

    While the impact of COVID-19 has been felt throughout the UK’s healthcare system, economy, and job market, studies have found that women have been hit significantly harder than men. How has the pandemic affected mothers, and how can brands help them regain a sense of balance?

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    Has a lack of touch impacted our desires?

    Whether it’s living vicariously through Normal People or counting down the days until a physical reunion, COVID-19 has forced us into a no-touch climate and we’re mourning the lack of skin-to-skin contact. Canvas8 spoke to three experts to explore what a post-touch world could look like.