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  • Indoor cycling programs have been growing in popularity
  • Indoor cycling programs have been growing in popularity
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Zwift: VR-enhanced indoor cycling

Combining gaming, community, and fitness, Zwift is a VR-enhanced cycling program that lets people sweat together from the safety of their own homes. As at-home fitness continues to gain traction, gamification is creating a new landscape of exercise built on fun and virtual interaction.

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Ever since SoulCycle stole the hearts of fitness fanatics across the globe, spinning has collected a cult following that has yet to slow down. In this time of social isolation, with sheltering still in place, people are trading their pricey boutique memberships in for at-home systems in hopes of keeping their enthusiasm spinning. But that doesn’t mean they want to exercise alone.





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    As our mental health suffers during the pandemic, exercise is proving an essential tool for both physical and mental well-being. With a celebrity following and hundreds of thousands of fans, choreographer Ryan Heffington is raising spirits with Sweatfest, his lockdown dance-workout sessions.

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    Zoom dance classes, living room yoga, and hour-long walks have become common activities during COVID-19 lockdown. But how much are people really focusing on fitness? Canvas8 spoke to 16 people to find out how their attitudes towards exercise have changed as a result of the pandemic.

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