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  • Can high-quality shorts keep mobile viewers glued to one screen?
  • Can high-quality shorts keep mobile viewers glued to one screen?
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Quibi: short-form shows made for mobile audiences

Second-screening may be an established norm, but Quibi is hoping to make smartphones the first port of call for high-quality entertainment. Boasting a star-studded line-up of movies and programs, as well as the backing of Hollywood royalty, it’s elevating short-form media to new heights.

Location United States

TV producers and broadcasters know all too well that attention is in short supply. With laptops, tablets, and smartphones enabling people to message friends, scroll through social media, and idly browse the web from their couches, it takes something special to keep audiences glued to one screen. Recognizing the scale of this challenge, video platform Quibi is seeking to fully engage viewers through high-quality, mobile-focused content. “Our [service] is exclusively about what you do from 7am to 7pm on your phone. And what you’re doing today, if you’re in our core demographic of 25- to 35-year-olds, is you’re actually ...



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    With people across the US increasingly self-isolating and staying inside, they’re finding innovative ways to socialize. Netflix Party is a Chrome browser extension that creates a sense of community and lets people watch their favourite movies and shows together even when they’re miles apart.

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    From perfumes to furniture, there’s a subscription platform for everything – but why do some people keep paying for services they never use? Canvas8 spoke to Jennifer Savary, an assistant professor of marketing at the University of Arizona, to find out why cancelling a subscription is so hard.

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    While Netflix has long reigned supreme among OTT television providers, Disney+ is entering the ‘streaming wars’ with a vast catalog of content. As viewing habits change and choice fatigue persists, can Disney tap a captive audience? And will it be able to usurp Netflix’s top spot?

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    Gen Z are consuming more media than any other generation, but the where, how, and why of what they’re watching have all changed. With online streaming platforms, bite-sized content, and programmes designed specifically for smartphones, how is the TV market pivoting to cater to Gen Z tastes?