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  • How is K-pop taking over the world?
  • How is K-pop taking over the world?
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Blackpink: super-stans creating global stars

K-pop has firmly established itself in mainstream culture as hyper-managed boy bands and girl groups have broken through language barriers to become global idols. What does the international popularity of Blackpink reveal of modern fandom? And how exactly are stans reshaping pop music?

Location Central - East Asia / North America

A shuddering synth beat, the electric piping of trumpets, a ruh-puh-pah-pum-pum on the snare. No, this is not a modern rendition of ‘The Little Drummer Boy’, it’s the searing intro to ‘Kill This Love’ by girl band Blackpink. With more than 730 million plays on YouTube, the track – which veers from EDM to rap to pop in just over three minutes – is just one example of K-pop’s growing influence on the international music scene.





  • Article image What in the world is a Stan?

    In an era of super-fandom, the question is not whether to stan or not to stan, but whom to stan, and for how long. The intensity of fan devotion in the digital age is creating new opportunities for brands to activate hyper engaged communities – just don’t get on their bad side.

  • Article image Tyler, the Creator: an icon of new masculinity

    Unpredictable, undefinable, and always provocative, Tyler, the Creator has kept his audiences guessing and growing thanks to his emotionally open, genre-fluid, and highly visual approach. How has he survived past controversies and helped create a new agenda for masculinity in hip-hop culture?

  • Article image Babymetal: blending genres to reach a global audience

    With songs about birthday parties and body dysmorphia, Babymetal isn’t your average metal group. Fronted by former J-pop singers in gothic schoolgirl outfits, the band’s blend of intense riffs and saccharine lyrics flies in the face of genre stereotypes and challenges cultural expectations.

  • Article image Billie Eilish: Gen Z icon redefining pop culture

    Denver-born star Billie Eilish has been serving up rich, textured songs from her bedroom since she was 15. Sampling a wide range of popular culture, referencing her acne scars, and singing acoustic ballads about killing her friends, Eilish is the YouTube-sprung Gen Z icon challenging the mainstream.