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  • Why do some men mask their physical and mental ailments?
  • Why do some men mask their physical and mental ailments?
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How can men be encouraged to chat about health?

From their outward appearance to inner bodily functions, many men struggle to talk to others about how they’re doing. Canvas8 spoke to three experts about how charities and brands can promote open conversations among men about physical and mental health, thereby improving their wellbeing.

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Most of us will be familiar with the idea that ‘boys don’t cry’ and have likely (regardless of gender) been told to ‘man up’. Long-entrenched ideas around masculinity have seen many men neglect their mental and physical health to avoid looking ‘weak’ or ‘feminine’, and the negative consequences of this mentality have been widely observed. According to a report from Samaritans, British men are three times more likely than women to commit suicide, with those aged 45-49 being the most vulnerable. [1] In the US, meanwhile, suicides rates are rising across the board, but especially among young ...



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    What does the modern man look like in ad land?

    A changing cultural climate is seeing both men and women shun toxic masculinity and demand new narratives around ‘being a man’. How are brands attempting to break down gender norms and stereotypes, and why is it so important to have diverse representations of manhood in advertising?

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    Why are Japanese dads not taking parental leave?

    Japanese men have the highest amount of paid parental leave at their disposal, yet only a small proportion take it each year due to an intense working culture and entrenched gender norms. So, what are brands and the government doing to encourage fathers to get more involved in their kids’ lives?

  • Men struggle to seek mental health support at work

    Men struggle to seek mental health support at work

    A study has revealed that more men than women want to quit their job due to struggles with mental health, which they often feel unable to talk about with their boss. Despite numerous initiatives promoting mental health awareness for men, there’s still some social stigma to overcome.

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    Could apps solve America’s mental health crisis?

    With more than 44 million adults having a mental health condition and rates of depression and suicide on the rise among younger generations, America’s mental health crisis shows no sign of easing in the near future. How might mobile apps enable people to better manage their wellbeing?