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  • What do new mums want from an online community?
  • What do new mums want from an online community?
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The Night Feed: a safe spot for sleep-deprived mums

Designed with motherhood and community in mind, The Night Feed is hoping to become a one-stop shop for new mums. Women can use it to search for information and track feed data – they also have the opportunity to chat to others in the same situation at any time of the night or day.

Location United Kingdom

Sleep-deprived, lonely, and spiralling deeper into an anxiety black hole with every Google search – that’s how model and lifestyle blogger Ruth Crilly describes her state of mind while feeding her second child in the middle of the night. “It’s just so lonely when you’re in that zone – waking up every two hours, when you feel like everyone else in the world is asleep,” she says. [1]  Her experience inspired her to develop The Night Feed app – “a sanctuary for the sleep-deprived,” with a feed timer and tracker, sleep sounds, a chat ...



  • Article image Lactation Lab: test kits to demystify mother’s milk

    Health-conscious Gen Yers are used to checking nutrition labels for everything they eat and drink – and they’re now able to get similar insights about their babies’ diets. Lactation Lab provides breast milk analysis and recommendations to help give new parents some peace of mind.

  • Article image Frolo: creating a single-parent community

    Raising a child as a single parent isn’t easy – carers are doing twice the work with half the resources. Enter Frolo: an app for solo mums and dads. It’s providing a safe space for like-minded parents to share experiences, swap tips, make friends, and meet up in real life.

  • Article image Frida Mom: playful products for postpartum recovery

    Frida Mom caters to the millions of women in the United States who become new mothers every year. Helping them to navigate the physical discomfort of the fourth trimester, the brand offers a collection of female-focused products that playfully address the needs of postpartum bodies.

  • Article image Peanut: swiping right for new mum mates

    The UK’s NCT has long provided new parents with expert info and a route to a new set of pals. But the pricey classes and ideological zealotry mean that many mums are after an alternative. Enter Peanut, which applies a Tinder-like model to friendship, easing anxieties at this stressful life stage.