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  • Who do Britons choosing to trust in the digital age?

Who are Britons willing to share their data with?

Data privacy has been one of 2019’s biggest issues. People say they’re concerned about their online information, but what data are they comfortable sharing and what do they expect in return? Canvas8 spoke to eight Britons to find out what they’re willing to share about themselves online and to whom.

Location United Kingdom

The Have I Been Pwned website has revealed that as of November 2019, more than 8.5 billion accounts have been compromised in data breaches worldwide. [1] However, the UK itself has been the focus of several high-profile data breaches in recent years, including the 2019 British Airways security breach and the 2018 NHS WannaCry cyberattack. [2][3] Although these hacks may have garnered news coverage and raised questions about online privacy, it’s still difficult to get users to take steps to protect themselves, proven by the 23.2 million compromised accounts worldwide that use ‘123456’ ...



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    With consumer trust in banks on the wane, fintech companies are reaping the rewards. Apple Card is Apple’s steel physical credit card, aimed at iPhone and Apple Pay users who want a good user experience, a brand they can trust, and guaranteed privacy measures that can stand up in 2019.

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    From the pressures of picture perfection to concerns about trolling, social media is proving to be a double-edged sword for new mums. Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Alexa Fox, assistant professor of marketing at The University of Akron, to understand what drives new mums to post about their kids online.

  • Article image Qwant: a search engine that puts privacy first

    As concerns about data privacy mount, American tech giants are facing a global backlash. In France, the government has announced plans to ditch Google as its default search engine, instead opting to use Qwant. How is the home-grown firm ensuring security and ‘digital sovereignty’?

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    Privacy concerns and ad-dominated feeds have mainstream social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram facing a ‘trust crisis’. Subscription-based platform Vero offers an alternative with the promise of transparency and control – but is it so different from established industry giants?