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  • Why do people trust the word of digital tastemakers?
  • Why do people trust the word of digital tastemakers?
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#ad! The science of online influencers

Celeb endorsements have lost some of their power in the social media era, but what makes bloggers, vloggers, and self-styled fashionistas so effective as spokespeople? Canvas8 talked to Alexander Schouten, assistant professor at Tilburg University, about how influencers convince people to buy.

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Boasting more than a billion monthly active users, Instagram has evolved far beyond its initial purpose as a photo-sharing platform – it’s now a go-to destination for product and brand discovery among digitally-savvy shoppers. From experimenting with augmented reality to in-app reminders for merch drops, it’s transforming the retail journey beyond transactions alone, allowing people to explore items in depth, find coveted rarities, and seek buying advice from peers across the planet. For many users, the biggest sources of shopping inspiration are influencers. There are 500,000 such individuals on the app ...



  • Article image How much sway do online influencers really hold?

    A growing awareness of fake news and the proliferation of sponsored posts on social media has seen the trustworthiness and authenticity of online influencers come into question. How are established experts, nano-influencers, and CGI characters rebuilding confidence and digital relevance?

  • Article image Seed University: creating a new breed of influencer

    Seed University has turned the influencer model upside down. Rather than sending out free samples to recruit ambassadors, the probiotics company is making people pass a course to become experts on the products they’re backing. Could this be the answer to influencer fatigue?

  • Article image #SephoraSquad: turning fans into micro-influencers

    Beauty is in the throes of revolution. As people move away from the idealised to a celebration of real people, brands have an exciting opportunity to tap into the new beauty wave. With its #SephoraSquad, Sephora is going further, inviting everyday people to become influencers for the brand.

  • Article image How artificial influencers are winning over web users

    With her flawlessly rendered appearance and dramatic digital narratives, virtual influencer Lil’ Miquela has been challenging ideas of authenticity on Instagram since 2016. Why are brands and social media users embracing these CGI celebrities and could they ever replace their human counterparts?