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  • What role is technology playing in the festival of lights?
  • What role is technology playing in the festival of lights?
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How are Diwali celebrations changing in India?

Diwali is one of the most important events on the Indian calendar, but globalisation, mobile tech, and nationalist attitudes are transforming the way it’s perceived and celebrated. How are traditions around the festival evolving, and how are brands reflecting the mood in the country?

Location India

“Even though I am Assamese and Diwali is not our primary festival, I celebrate it. I don’t do the rituals, but I buy sweets and light up diyas and candles to create a festive atmosphere at home,” says Babita Baruah, managing partner at communications agency GTB India. [1] Her approach is typical of how many Indians now mark the festival of lights, partaking in the more accessible and commercial elements of the occasion rather than the spiritual rituals. Diwali continues to be a key cultural moment, yet political, economic, and social factors are reshaping how it’s ...



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    Sales of fine whisky are booming in India and China as members of the middle classes shake off the frugal habits of past generations. How has the drink come to be seen as a status symbol in the world’s two most populous nations? And why does it appeal to Gen Yers and women in particular?

  • Article image JoinMyWedding: cultural immersion for Gen Y tourists

    Many Gen Y travellers now prioritise the Instagrammability of their adventures and shun traditional landmarks for local experiences. With weddings in India costing families upwards of $70,000, JoinMyWedding lets engaged couples invite paying foreign guests in search of cultural immersion.

  • Article image ePuja: helping Hindus offer prayers remotely

    As everyday life grows more hectic, many Indians are finding themselves without the time to visit far-off temples to fulfil their religious duties. ePuja allows them to outsource these commitments by ordering worship ceremonies online and having them performed on their behalf at a temple.

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    Patanjali, a consumer goods brand founded by a yoga guru, has taken the Indian market by storm, giving multinationals a run for their money with its offer of natural products ranging from toothpaste to honey. Why are Indians looking for herbal and organic items in the food and personal care aisles?