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  • How is esports shedding its loner image?
  • How is esports shedding its loner image?
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Medal: creating social moments for gamers

The sociability of online gaming, and increasing dominance of video game streaming, has seen gamer culture cross over to the mainstream. In-game clipping service Medal is looking to harness the social power of this lucrative consumer group, to become the next big name in social sharing.  

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Contrary to stereotypes of lazy, loner gamers, video games have a history of being highly social. As early as 1978, Multi-User Dungeons saw classmates play text-based adventures together on their university servers. [1] Since the runaway success of Sony’s PlayStation 2, which brought online gaming to the masses in 2000 and became the best-selling console of all time, the social aspect of online gameplay has exploded. [2] In fact, 72% of Gen Yers and 74% of Gen Zers say playing games together helps to cement their friendships. [3] A huge component of this social element ...



  • Article image Twitch: transcending games to become a community hub

    Twitch has established itself as the leading player in live gaming coverage, but it’s not the only thing drawing people back on a daily basis. As the platform’s content has diversified beyond esports, the interactions between streamers and viewers have made into a hub for community and discussion.

  • Bumble esports team aims to empower female gamers Bumble esports team aims to empower female gamers

    In collaboration with global esports organization Gen.G, Bumble is sponsoring an all-female Fortnite team with the aim of elevating professional female players. Although almost half of all gamers are women, they continue to be underserved, giving brands an opportunity to provide support.

  • Samsung appeals to gamers with pre-installed Discord Samsung appeals to gamers with pre-installed Discord

    Designed with gamers in mind, Samsung has announced the inclusion of Discord on its Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ devices. As online gaming continues to grow in popularity and mobile tech advances, people are seeking high-quality gaming experiences from their smartphones.

  • Article image Why did E-sports Go Mainstream?

    Now touted as a multi-billion dollar industry, e-sports has brands queuing up to tap into a highly engaged audience and the players that are capturing their hearts and minds. What transformed a relatively niche entertainment model into a sporting leader?