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  • How are athletes treating themselves without ruining their regime?
  • How are athletes treating themselves without ruining their regime?
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Sufferfest: craft beer for active drinkers

Served at trail runs, marathons, and Crossfit gyms across the US, Sufferfest offers beers made by athletes for athletes. Shaking off stereotypes, Sufferfest brews great-tasting, low-calorie beers for a refreshing, lean, and fitness-friendly experience for those who are prepared to earn their beer.

Location United States

Caitlin Landesberg never classed herself as a beer drinker. Maintaining a rigorous routine of trail running, track days, and club runs came with sacrifices. But crossing the finish line, she relished the après-race moment of a thirst-quenching beer. [1] When she developed a gluten intolerance however, Landesberg was robbed of the celebratory experience that had cemented her success and relationships in the community. Dissatisfied with sweet ciders and the gluten-free options available, her boyfriend bought her a homebrew kit and a brewing course.





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