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  • BGM focuses on luxury rather than just sustainability
  • BGM focuses on luxury rather than just sustainability
    Brave Gentleman (2019) ©

Brave GentleMan: sustainable style for men

Fashion brand Brave GentleMan is on a mission to recalibrate sustainability in the menswear landscape, fusing eco-conscious design with a luxury approach to accessories and tailoring. But can it help to overcome sustainability’s gender problem?

Location United States

“Ethical fashion is not an aesthetic. It is a methodology.” So posits Joshua Katcher, founder of eco menswear brand Brave GentleMan (BGM). [1] Katcher’s brand is one of many creating a more circular economy within fashion. The industry is in the midst of a sustainability crisis and consumer demands have forced brands to rethink their offerings, with high street retailers such as Zara and H&M announcing major sustainable initiatives of late. [2] This desire has also created a new market for vegan fashion.In the US alone, the vegan product market expanded by 11% and vegan shoes have ...



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    How does gender affect sustainable behaviours?

    The effects of climate change won’t discriminate between genders, but research suggests that men may not be doing as much as women to limit their impact on the planet. What stops men from buying eco-friendly goods, and how can brands shift perceptions to ensure sustainability appeals to all?

  • Startups respond to eco-push with low-wash clothes

    Startups respond to eco-push with low-wash clothes

    A flock of startups are designing clothes with fabrics that require less cleaning. As doing laundry accounts for a large amount of water waste, these alternatives allow consumers to reduce the environmental impact of their daily habits, while also freeing up their time.

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    Higher Studio: sustainable fashion for rent

    Fast fashion may satisfy a desire for frequent new lines, but the ethical cost is too steep for some. Offering a more sustainable alternative, Higher Studio allows fashionistas to rent out brand new high fashion items, helping them meet style expectations while staying true to their values.

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    For Days: slow fashion for the conscious Gen Yer

    In a world where fast-fashion is king, For Days aims to reduce textile waste in the US by recycling and replacing members’ worn T-shirts. But how sustainable is this model and will it encourage young consumers to put their money where their mouth is when it comes to ethical fashion?