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  • Seed University trains influencers to represent the brand
  • Seed University trains influencers to represent the brand
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Seed University: creating a new breed of influencer

Seed University has turned the influencer model upside down. Rather than sending out free samples to recruit ambassadors, the probiotics company is making people pass a course to become experts on the products they’re backing. Could this be the answer to influencer fatigue?

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When a woman known as ‘Rawvana’ was unknowingly filmed eating seafood, the backlash she faced was something nobody could have predicted. Having amassed more than three million Instagram followers who turned to her for raw vegan diet tips, the 28-year-old influencer was going against everything she apparently stood for. Essentially, the jig was up. She later published a video explaining that she’d had to change her diet for health reasons, but that only made it worse, as critics accused her of peddling a lifestyle that was actually making her sick. The furor that erupted was a wake-up call ...



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    #SephoraSquad: turning fans into micro-influencers

    Beauty is in the throes of revolution. As people move away from the idealised to a celebration of real people, brands have an exciting opportunity to tap into the new beauty wave. With its #SephoraSquad, Sephora is going further, inviting everyday people to become influencers for the brand.

  • Payless tricks influencers with fake luxury store

    Payless tricks influencers with fake luxury store

    Whether it’s the quality of fabric or a high price point, luxury carries many connotations. In a bid to raise its profile and highlight just how easy it can be to influence purchasing decisions, Payless launched Palessi – a high-end hoax store selling the brand's budget shoes at a mark-up of 1,800%.

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    Gymshark: influencer-backed fashion for athletes

    With athleisure taking the fashion world by storm, brands are struggling to compete in an oversaturated market. UK-based Gymshark has made its mark in the fitness-wear arena by aligning its products to popular YouTube and Instagram influencers to create a cult following of 18-25 year olds.

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    Glossier: a cult beauty brand led by the crowd

    New beauty start-ups are regularly springing up on Instagram, but few have managed to make as powerful an impact as New York-based Glossier. How has this blog-turned-brand cultivated a fiercely loyal following? And what can its approach to product creation teach the wider industry?