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  • How can brands facilitate environmental returns?
  • How can brands facilitate environmental returns?
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Do people care about environmental returns?

Sustainable fashion and eco-friendly initiatives have made dressing with a conscience easier than ever, but are shoppers considering the impact of their returns? More than 33% of Gen Yers say they buy more items than they need. What can brands do to discourage serial returners?

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Serial returners are a growing problem for brands’ bottom lines and the environment alike. In Germany, 1 in 6 online orders are returned, while in the US, return delivery costs are expected to reach $550 billion by 2020. [1] [2] Whether it’s because Instagram only allows you to wear an outfit once or simply the thrill of unboxing, more than 33% of Gen Y shoppers – who would also no doubt identify as ‘eco-conscious’ – say they buy more items than they need, with the very intention of returning some. [3] 





  • Returnly offers eco-friendly 'returnless returns'

    Returnly offers eco-friendly 'returnless returns'

    San Francisco-based company, Returnly allows brands to offer ‘returnless refunds’. With more people than ever choosing to return items they purchased online, Returnly offers a solution that is both convenient and eco-friendly for brands and consumers alike.

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    How are young luxury shoppers buying online?

    Accustomed to rapid service and easily accessible products, Gen Yers and Zers are causing the luxury industry to bend to their e-commerce expectations. What do they want out of a high-end shopping experience? And how are haute couture brands grabbing the attention of these digital natives?

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    Farfetch: ‘phigital’ experiences for shy shoppers

    As more Britons bypass the high street for their shopping needs, brick-and-mortar retailers are having to raise their game to survive in an increasingly digital landscape. By introducing a host of technologies to physical stores, Farfetch is making the offline experience feel more like e-commerce.

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    Happy Returns: return online purchases in person

    Perks like free and next-day delivery have become the norm in online shopping, but returns are lagging behind. Aiming to make the process faster, easier and smoother is Happy Returns, which lets shoppers take unwanted items to Return Bars located in malls and stores to get an instant refund.