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  • The demand for personalised products beauty is increasing
  • The demand for personalised products beauty is increasing
    Averie Woodard (2018) ©

Function of Beauty: expert customised haircare

Function of Beauty’s haircare products are the latest in personalised beauty. A custom combination is crafted from the results of an online quiz and the customer’s chosen scent and colour, which caters to the increasing appeal of custom-made products crafted specifically for the individual.

Location North America / Northern Europe

The demand for personalised products is on the rise,as seen in the clothing, jewellery and accessories sectors, and now, the haircare industry. [1] It’s a trend driven by an increase in customers’ feelings of individualisationand independence, combined with a growing desire for status-driven purchases and the widespread use of artificial intelligence (AI) by companies to gather data. [2][3] It’s a purchase that appeals on both a practical and emotional level.  





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