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  • Is artificial intelligence powering greater virtual relationships?
  • Is artificial intelligence powering greater virtual relationships?
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Mystic Messenger: Simulated dating that feels oh-so-real

Mystic Messenger is a game in which players take control of a female avatar and are presented with six potential suitors, powered by artificial intelligence. With more than a million people engaged around the world, it provides a glimpse into the true potential of online dating.

Location Central - East Asia / South-Eastern Asia / Southern Asia / Western Asia

A lot of modern romance begins on mobile – matching with potential suitors, crafting witty message replies and wading through countless options with mindless swipes on a dating app. It’s not that surprising then that dating simulation games are soaring in popularity, allowing users to develop virtual relationships with characters powered by artificial intelligence.





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    Lumen: digital dating tailored to Boomers

    Looking for love online can be a minefield at the best of times, but it’s proving especially difficult for single 50- and 60-somethings who may not feel as comfortable on the platforms used by younger generations. How does Boomer-focused app Lumen address this cohort’s dating needs?

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    What friendship apps reveal about modern friendship

    We’re used to swiping right on potential dates, but what about prospective friends? A proliferation of friendship apps have seen the swiping approach applied to the friendship market, too. Stigma still tinges these apps, but the realities of modern society mean that we may never have needed them more.

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    Break-Up Boss: a break-up aid for the digital age

    Breaking up is hard to do – and it’s gotten even more difficult since the advent of smartphones and social media. From resisting stalking an ex on Facebook to encouraging positive thoughts, Break-Up Boss promises to get people through the emotional aftermath of a freshly-ended relationship.

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    Pengpeng: gamified dating for Chinese teens

    Although China’s online dating industry will generate over $350 million in 2014, the stigma attached to casual sex may hold it back. Understanding cultural nuances, social gaming app Pengpeng has amassed more than 300,000 users and is popular with Millennial men and women alike.