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  • What makes a meal ‘authentic’ for discerning diners?
  • What makes a meal ‘authentic’ for discerning diners?
    Ugly Delicious (2018) ©

Ugly Delicious: showing the murky side of foodie culture

Netflix documentary Ugly Delicious follows restaurateur David Chang as he strives to learn how food transcends geographic boundaries and becomes significant in different cultural contexts. But when a cuisine crosses borders and is fused with others, can it ever be considered ‘authentic’?

Location Global / North America

Released on Netflix in February 2018, the first season of documentary series Ugly Delicious follows David Chang and celebrity guests as they explore the intrinsic value of unsophisticated yet satisfying foods like fried rice, tacos, and pizza. Beyond serving up a platter of food porn, it takes a look at what transpires when accessible immigrant dishes are appropriated away from their roots, transformed from humble to hip and even haute in the West.





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