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  • How can football be a force for social good?
  • How can football be a force for social good?
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How football is bringing UK communities together

Between diplomatic concerns ahead of the World Cup in Russia, human rights abuses in 2022 host nation Qatar, and allegations of corruption within FIFA, the beautiful game has plenty of problems. But how is football being used to tackle social issues and bring communities together in Britain?

Location United Kingdom

Team sports have been used for millennia as a means of social bonding, bringing individuals together to act collectively either as players or fans. Football is undoubtedly the world’s most popular game, inspiring people from the same towns to travel en masse across counties and continents to support their local teams, while international tournaments can evoke a sense of jubilation and pride for populations around the world. As proof of this, the 2014 World Cup had a TV audience of roughly 3.2 billion, with the final alone attracting a billion viewers. [1]

In the birthplace of the ...



  • Article image Caricom: a football mag for minority journalists

    Caricom is a London-based football magazine seeking to explore the intersection between football and black experience. As black, Asian and minority athletes and journalists alike feel unrepresented by the media, grassroots brands such as Caricom are beginning to fill that space.

  • Article image How ‘casual culture’ is influencing high fashion

    ‘Casual culture’ may once have been associated with the unsavoury side of football fandom, but big-name brands that previously would have nothing to do with the movement are now wanting a piece of the action. Why are both shoppers and luxury labels buying back into this cultural phenomenon?

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    With chants like ‘We can see you holding hands’ and ‘Does your boyfriend know you're here?’ still heard at stadiums across the UK, football isn't quite as inclusive as the leagues, clubs and sponsors might suggest. How are LGBTQ teams and fan groups helping to change this culture within the sport?

  • Football Manager introduces gay players Football Manager introduces gay players

    LGBTQ communities have made huge inroads in their representation in Britain, but there are still parts of culture where homosexuality is taboo – professional football being one. Videogame Football Manager is doing its part to change that by introducing gay players.