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  • Why is it difficult to travel responsibly?
  • Why is it difficult to travel responsibly?
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How can people travel more sustainably?

As travellers both new and seasoned demand more unique experiences that they can boast about on their social feeds, some are opting for sustainable trips to offset their CO2 footprint and help communities abroad. How can tour operators facilitate this kind of responsible travel?

Location Global / Northern Europe

‘Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time.’ This phrase is resonating with a growing number of tourists, who are paying more attention to human rights, working conditions, and the environment when travelling overseas. In fact, research from ABTA has found that nearly 70% of British holidaymakers believe that travel companies should ensure their trips help the local people and economy. [1]

Yet the continued growth of the industry – the number of international departures more than doubled between 1996 and 2015 to reach 1.3 billion, with travel and tourism accounting for 10% ...



  • Article image Kind Traveler: helping luxury travellers give back

    Voluntourism and responsible travel initiatives have taken off in recent years, demonstrating how people are eager to do good in their time off. Kind Traveler is making it even easier for tourists to give back to local communities by playing matchmaker between charities and luxury hotels.

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    Whether you're in inner-city London or the wilds of Africa, an Aussie twang won't be out of place. International travel has never been so popular for Australians, but traditional travel agents and package tours have lost relevance. Intrepid is a sustainable, independent alternative to the tour market.

  • Article image Villages Nature: Disney’s natural theme park

    Disney parks are known for making children’s dreams a reality, not for fulfilling climate scientists’ fantasies. But that’s about to change as the iconic brand branches out with Villages Nature. Set to launch in 2016, can a theme park pave the way for a host of new sustainability-focused getaways?

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    Nearly $1 trillion was spent on luxury experiences in 2012, with travel and hotels accounting for half that figure. National Geographic hopes to appeal to the world-class traveller with its Unique Lodges of the World, but how can it convince HNWIs to ignore the breadth of choices online?