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  • Social activists are getting younger
  • Social activists are getting younger
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A Sector Snapshot of Citizenship

What do businesses have to gain from investing in diversity? How are online movements being felt in the offline world? Why should brands pay attention to the values of young Gen Zers? How are communities rallying to support local causes? And is sustainable luxury finally cool?

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In the January 2018 Sector Snapshot of Citizenship, we reveal what businesses across sectors can gain from investing in diversity, explore how online movements are being felt in the offline world, uncover why brands should be paying attention to the values of young Gen Zers, look at the ways that communities are rallying to support local causes, and question whether sustainable luxury has finally become cool.

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  • Article image Why organisations should invest in diversity

    Gen Z may be the most diverse generation yet, but minority groups in the UK and US continue to face discrimination – so developing effective ways to include disadvantaged groups is more pressing than ever. Canvas8 spoke to June Sarpong, author of Diversify, to uncover the benefits of inclusivity.

  • Article image 2018 Expert Outlook on Citizenship

    Has polarisation made it normal to be strongly opinionated? Does a brand seem less genuine if it brags about its good behaviour? In this part of the 2018 Expert Outlook series, we speak to three experts about what’s changing in people’s – and brands’ – perceived role in society.

  • Article image How do Americans prioritize environmental issues?

    With hurricanes and wildfires devastating parts of the US in 2017, extreme weather has brought climate change to the fore of many Americans’ minds. But are they more concerned about local environmental issues or global ones? Canvas8 spoke to 20 people to learn how they’re protecting the planet.

  • Article image London Titans: making football more LGBT-friendly

    With chants like ‘We can see you holding hands’ and ‘Does your boyfriend know you're here?’ still heard at stadiums across the UK, football isn't quite as inclusive as the leagues, clubs and sponsors might suggest. How are LGBTQ teams and fan groups helping to change this culture within the sport?

  • Article image Miranda July & Artangel: a pop-up for spiritual bargains

    In August 2017, artist Miranda July opened a charity shop with a difference. While it sold the wares one might expect, it was based in prestigious department store Selfridges and run by four faith-based UK charities. How can this pop-up inspire other charities and brick-and-mortar retailers?

  • Article image #MeToo: accountability with a hashtag

    After Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s history of alleged sexual misconduct was bared to the world, social feeds were flooded with a singular expression: #MeToo. The hashtag went viral, inspiring over half a million tweets in just 24 hours, but can people really find solace in an online trend?

  • Article image Queer Kids Stuff: LGBTQ education for children

    With LGBTQ kids experiencing more bullying, risky sexual behaviour and higher suicide rates than their non-LGBTQ counterparts, educating young people on LGBTQ issues is more important than ever. So, how is Queer Kids Stuff and other brands getting the message across?

  • Article image How Gen Z live sustainably

    Gen Zers may use the web to share memes and post their meals, but their exposure to social media and 24/7 news means they’re also well aware of major global issues like climate change. In the first of a two-part report, we explore how sustainability has become a way of life for this cohort.