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  • Beauty junkies band together for tips and tricks online
  • Beauty junkies band together for tips and tricks online
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Beauty Insider Community: a digital hub for Sephora fans

The average American woman spends $300,000 on face products over her lifetime, and in the search for the ideal foundation or eyeliner, many will seek advice online. With the Beauty Insider Community – an interactive online platform – Sephora is positioning itself as a go-to source for this info.

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Ever wondered what primer will keep your make-up in place when you’re a sweaty mess? Do you want to find the secret to creating that perfect eyeliner flick? The Beauty Insider Community may have the answers. Users can join boards such as 'Everything Eyes' and 'Sensitive Skin', start threads asking their own questions, and post responses to other users. Think ‘What products are best to deal with bra chafing?’ or ‘Does anyone have dupes for Mac’s Ruby Woo lipstick?’ It might sound like a Reddit forum, but it’s actually an official branded platform from Sephora.





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    Sugru: the glue of a DIY community

    In a connected world, it doesn’t take much for like-minded groups to develop. But while most are held together by a metaphorical glue, the online community that’s formed around Sugru – a mouldable substance that’s used to fix or customise almost anything – is held together by the real thing.

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    Beauty Pie: make-up minus the mark-up

    The average woman spends £18,000 on make-up in a lifetime. Beauty Pie – a ‘buyers’ club for beauty addicts’ – aims to help them make the most of their money, delivering products to buyers hot off the factory floor. But can an online shop with no ad budget hope to topple industry giants?

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    Milk: quick cosmetics for cool girls

    In a rush? No make-up brush? No worries. Milk understands the way young women think about and use beauty products. Sold as ‘high concept, low maintenance’, it's inspired by and designed for creative, cool girls – providing mascara that’ll stay on all weekend and lipstick that’s actually kiss-proof.

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    #: a brick-and-mortar mecca for beauty mavens

    Have you ever layered up a few coats of Trust Fund Beauty nail polish? It comes in plenty of shades, from ‘Boy Tears’ to ‘Insta-famous’. It's one in a number of Insta-born beauty brands that are stocked at # – a New York-based beauty store that only stocks products sourced on Instagram.