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  • Previewing the latest from the silver screen
  • Previewing the latest from the silver screen
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Scoop: VIP screenings from your sofa

Hollywood studios have been using preview screenings to test movies in front of audiences for decades. Streaming platform Scoop is now letting people watch upcoming flicks from the comfort of their own sofa, while helping producers and film-makers gain feedback from a targeted, global audience.

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“Audience market research screenings have been running since the 1920s, and the major studios have been testing all their content for decades now,” explains Sharan Reddy, founder of the ultra secure streaming platform Indee. “I was working in LA for a few months and got invited to a few of these test screenings that I absolutely enjoyed. The concept of getting to watch a movie far before its release, having an open channel with the filmmakers to let them know what I personally thought, and giving them my suggestions on how to make it nicer, for me, ...



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    I’m the best! The science of bragging

    You’ve just won a pitch. A big one. But who actually wants to hear about it? Canvas8 sat down with Dr. Irene Scopelliti, co-author of ‘You Call It ‘Self-Exuberance’; I Call It ‘Bragging’’, to understand why we show off and why we underestimate the negative effects of self-promotion.

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    Walter Presents: curating your next binge-watch

    2015 was a historic year for TV fans, with more scripted shows to choose from than ever before. So how does anyone know where to start? For Channel 4, the answer lies in Walter, the affable face of its new streaming service and curator of the very best in serious, compulsive world drama.

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    MUBI: art house cinema finds a home on your smartphone

    While VOD services have given blockbusters a new lease of life, where can people catch up on all those local cinema gems? MUBI offers a hand-picked library of 30 cult classics to its seven million users on desktops and smart devices. How has it become the world’s largest art house theatre?

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    Found Them First: bragging rights for music geeks

    Discovering new music was once a preserve of A&R scouts at major labels. But with unsigned acts now playing to anyone with an internet connection, how can music fans be sure of who was there first? A new Spotify feature is quantifying ‘cool’, giving music geeks the bragging rights they deserve.