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  • A mobile-first challenger to the Big Five
  • A mobile-first challenger to the Big Five
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Monzo: sparking a digital banking revolution

There’s a seismic change underway in the banking sector, with challenger brands taking on the traditional Big Five. At the forefront is Monzo, a mobile-first digital bank that’s designed with tech-savvy customers in mind. Can its clever app and round-the-clock support convince Brits to switch?

Location United Kingdom

There’s a seismic change underway in the world of retail banking, with challenger brands seeking to shake up the archaic world of personal finance. At the forefront is Monzo – previously named Mondo – a mobile-first digital bank that, following its attainment of a UK banking license in 2016, plans to launch a full current account in 2017, including overdraft capabilities. [1][2]





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