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  • Delivering world-class cosmetics at bargain basement prices
  • Delivering world-class cosmetics at bargain basement prices
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Beauty Pie: make-up minus the mark-up

The average woman spends £18,000 on make-up in a lifetime. Beauty Pie – a ‘buyers’ club for beauty addicts’ – aims to help them make the most of their money, delivering products to buyers hot off the factory floor. But can an online shop with no ad budget hope to topple industry giants?

Location North America / Northern Europe

The average woman will splash out £18,000 on make-up in a lifetime – and consumers are becoming savvier about how that sum will be spent. [1] They’re using Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest to inform their cosmetic choices, and take the word of their favourite beauty bloggers as gospel. Make-up brands are infamous for their mark-ups, charging around 1,200% of the cost to produce an item – and this is where Beauty Pie hopes to shake things up, providing premium products without the premium price tag. [2]





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