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  • Bulb shows that utilities don't have to be dull
    George Atanassov, Creative Commons (2014) ©

Bulb: getting people to switch green

Despite the fact that three-quarters of Brits say they want to switch to renewables, just 1% of homes have chosen to be supplied by 100% renewable energy. Enter Bulb. This green energy supplier wants to change how we think about utilities, and help people realise that switching can be easy.

Location United Kingdom

Gas and electricity are dull, complicated and expensive, and no one wants to spend their time thinking about them. Bulb founders Hayden Wood and Amit Gudka come from a background in utilities, and saw the industry as ripe for change. “People don’t feel that energy is something they can make a choice in,” explains Wood. “And as a result, they don't engage with it. I thought there must be a way of making energy something that people felt like they understood, and help them take action.” [1]





  • Article image Tempus: smarter power for lower bills

    People are still confused by their energy bills, and with the ‘Big Six’ scoring 50% or less for customer satisfaction, there’s a distrust around the energy industry. Tempus promises to lower bills by managing your appliances, but will people allow an energy company to control their dishwasher?

  • Article image Who wants to be in control of their energy bills?

    People loathe energy companies; only one in six Brits trusts them to work in their best interests. And yet, as smart meters become the norm, customers are choosing tariffs that give them less control, handing the reigns back to the providers. So what’s going on?

  • Article image GE LightGrid: bright lights, big data

    Up to 40% of a city’s electricity use may be dedicated to street lighting. But what if lampposts could do more than illuminate pavements? What if they could get brighter under dark clouds or give a lost driver directions? GE has created bulbs that work harder and longer for cities of the future.

  • Article image Glia: buying products as ethical as you are

    Whether people identify as Christian, feminist or vegetarian, in a landscape that celebrates transparency, brands that share people's values tend to come out on top. Glia makes it even easier for people to find out which brands' morals mirror their own, meaning they'll never buy anything mindlessly again.