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  • Boomers want their homes to be social spaces
  • Boomers want their homes to be social spaces
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Next Adventure Home: a dream home built on data

There are 76 million Boomers in the US, but when it comes to housing, much of the chatter is centred on Gen Yers. They may be looking for affordability, but what do Boomers want from their dream home? Marketing company Hanley Wood and developer Taylor Morrison claim to have figured it out.

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When it comes to housing, much of the conversation in recent years has been centred on Gen Yers, with sky-high house prices and rising rents making it harder than ever for first time buyers to get their feet on the ladder.

But while this demographic look for affordability, what do Boomers want from their dream home? Marketing company Hanley Wood has teamed up with home builder and developer Taylor Morrison to find out, and build Boomers their perfect abode.





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    UK Boomers on Home

    As they begin to retire and their kids fly the nest, the dynamics of the Boomer home are changing. So how much time are they spending there? And how much money are they spending on maintaining it? Canvas8 sat down with Brits aged 50 to 69 to find out how they feel about their homes.

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    PegasusLife: retiring to the city

    With people living longer, the demand for retirement housing is growing. Yet there’s a lack of properties designed specifically for the elderly. PegasusLife is looking to offer an alternative, boasting beautifully designed apartments that cater to the physical and emotional health of retirees.

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    Why are more people retiring to the city?

    “I would rather live in a cupboard in Soho than in a mansion in Surrey,” says 50-year-old Vishnia. Urban retirees are embracing life after work as a chance to learn and explore. And owning 80% of the UK's net personal wealth, they can afford to. But what’s driving them to the city?

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    Barclays Family Springboard Mortgage: flying the nest with help from mum and dad

    House prices are soaring, and the average age of a first-time buyer is now 35. Student debt and a highly competitive job market is forcing 36% of Millennials to live with their parents. The Barclays Family Springboard Mortgage has a solution: borrow from the bank of mum and dad.