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  • Serving up grub from God’s Own Country
  • Serving up grub from God’s Own Country
    Visit Malton (2014) ©

Yorkshire Food Finder: using regional tastes in tourism

The demand for local produce is at an all-time high, as consumers decide to ditch processed goods in favour of fresh, regional delicacies. Can Yorkshire Food Finder’s guided trails of culinary delights turn the region into a must-visit destination for taste trekkers all over the world?

Location United Kingdom

Yorkshire is famous for its hearty and comforting cuisine, epitomised by Wensleydale cheese, roast dinners, and the humble Yorkshire pudding, which in 2016 was crowned the top regional dish in the UK. [1] Cashing in on the popularity of home-grown delicacies is Yorkshire Food Finder, a company providing themed gourmet food trails that explore how some of the region’s quality foods are created, bred or grown.





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