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  • Bringing radical transparency to the vitamin market
  • Bringing radical transparency to the vitamin market
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Ritual: ‘clean’ vitamins for the wellness generation

We can’t get enough of supplements – half of Americans take them regularly – but with little evidence to support their health claims and worries over their contents, people are looking for clarity and transparency. Ritual delivers both, providing a ‘clean label’ vitamin for the wellness movement.

Location North America / Northern Europe

A healthy lifestyle has never been more highly prized, but the ways of reaching this aspirational ideal have never seemed more complex. Vegan, gluten-free, Paleo – what really constitutes the healthiest diet? It’s no wonder that vitamin supplements – and their promise of a fast track to health – have proven irresistible to time-strapped consumers; the global supplements industry was valued at $88 billion in 2014. [1] But while the idea of getting all our vital nutrients in one convenient capsule is appealing, the safety and health claims of these unregulated pills have been repeatedly undermined.

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    Amid growing mental health awareness and a national effort to curb obesity, it’s fair to say the UK is on a bit of a health trip. So it makes sense that Brits are buying vitamins to complement that lifestyle, with sales outpacing those of painkillers and headache pills for the first time in a decade.

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    Roughly 14% of Europeans suffer from anxiety, and while diazepam works for some, herbal remedy-loving Germans are turning to the power of flowers. Lasea contains lavender oil, is safe to take while driving, and leaves your breath fragrantly fresh. But why do Germans put their trust in nature?

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