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  • Making it easy to match your diet to your fitness regime
  • Making it easy to match your diet to your fitness regime
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Gyms Kitchen: a protein-powered restaurant

Brits are splashing the cash on eating out, but with 27% of people picking a restaurant based on how healthy the menu is, there’s a clear demand for more wholesome fare. Gyms Kitchen, the UK’s first protein-based eatery, taps into this desire with its meal breakdowns and on-site nutritionists.

Location United Kingdom

Whether you’re cutting the carbs, counting the calories or shunning dessert, eating healthily can be a challenge. But it’s near impossible to resist temptation when you’re eating out. Now, however, foodie fitness fanatics can treat themselves to more than just a salad. Gyms Kitchen is the UK’s first protein-based restaurant, serving up healthy, affordable food minus the guilt.





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