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  • Could the way we pay affect what we buy?
  • Could the way we pay affect what we buy?
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Cash or credit? The science of spending

We know that seamless payments can affect how we splash out, but could they also impact how we feel about the things we’re buying? Canvas8 sat down with Dr. Avni Shah, co-author of ‘Paper or Plastic?’, to understand how the method by which we pay influences product satisfaction and brand loyalty.

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Will that be cash or card? In 2015, consumers and businesses in the UK made over 72,000 payments every minute. And while cash remains the most popular method, accounting for 45.1% of all payments last year, it’s set to be overtaken by debit cards in 2021.

We know that payment methods can affect how much cash we’re willing to part with – it’s why integrated payments are now the norm on apps like Starbucks’, and why Disney introduced RFID wristbands in its parks, helping guests forget they’re spending as they tap their funds away. But could the ...



  • Article image What’s the future of the cash point?

    How much cash is in your pocket? With the onward march of technology, physical money now seems somewhat redundant. Paying for things with a smartphone or contactless card is simply more convenient nowadays. So with digital transactions becoming the norm, is the ATM doomed?

  • Article image Klarna: buy now and pay later for online shoppers

    Two out of five internet users have bought a product online. But a lengthy payment process means we often abandon purchases at the checkout. What if you could buy using just an email address and postcode? By separating ‘buying’ from ‘paying’, Klarna promises stress-free online shopping.

  • Article image Google Wallet: making cash transfers as easy as email

    Whether pinging your colleague a PDF or sending a mate an mp3, email attachments are the norm. And Google Wallet now allows UK users to attach cash to their emails, too. But in a financial landscape rife with privacy concerns, do people really want bank transfers to be as easy as sending an email?

  • Article image Apple Pay: seamless spending on and offline

    Apple is hoping that Apple Pay, a tap-to-pay service integrated into the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch, will help it dominate the $79.2 billion-a-year digital payments market. But can Apple succeed where so many have failed before, and truly replace our wallets with our phones?