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  • Many feel there’s a time and a place for technology
  • Many feel there’s a time and a place for technology
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How often do you feel like disconnecting?

Do you check your work emails on the weekend? Read your texts during dinner? Chat to mates from home when you’re on holiday? We may be constantly connected, but many people believe there’s a time and place for tech. Canvas8 sat down with 20 Brits to find out when they’d prefer to switch off.

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The average smartphone owner checks their device more than 150 times a day – 23 times for messaging, 22 times for voice and 18 to get the time, not to mention the notifications from apps, emails and social media. [1] But many people are fatigued by being perpetually accessible, longing for the good old days when you simply had to sit by the phone if you wanted someone to call. When, if you were on a date, you wouldn’t be interrupted by Facebook notifications or work emails.

In response, holidays on which people can enjoy ‘digital detoxes’ ...



  • Article image How can technology encourage empathy?

    Studies show that our ability to empathise has greatly diminished over the last 30 years. It’s due in part to the uptake of smartphones and social media – we’re all too busy thinking about ourselves. But while it might be part of the problem, could technology also be used to make us more empathetic?

  • Instagram star 'gets real' Instagram star 'gets real'

    Numerous studies have shown the damaging effect that seeing everyone else’s ‘highlight reels’ on social media can have. Now, Essena O'Neill – an Australian teen with half a million followers – has deleted 2,000 of her perfectly-poised pics “that served no real purpose other than self-promotion.”

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    Digital is transforming how we eat. Anyone with a kitchen and a camera can take a picture, upload it and watch it spread in seconds. With millions of recipes and thousands of bloggers, nutritionists, and chefs at our fingertips, how is 'always on' information shaping our diet?

  • Look Up: unplugging from social media Look Up: unplugging from social media

    In an emotionally charged video, British filmmaker Gary Turk urges people to unplug from smartphones and social media. The five-minute spoken word raises questions about how much of our lives we spend online, and the impact that this is having on our real social lives.